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  1. 3 Doors Down [WIKI]

    Kryptonite (2000)
    Loser (2000)
    (If I Could) Be Like That (2001)
    Duck and Run (2001)
    Away from the Sun (2002)
    When I'm Gone (2002)
    The Road I'm On (2003)
    Here Without You (12-03)
  2. 311 (Three Eleven) [amg] [] [Y!] [MTV] [VH1] [y!]

    Rock de la ville d'Omaha, Nebraska (US) : Nicholas Hexum, P-Nut, Tim Mahoney, S.A. Martinez, Chad Sexton
    Mélange reggae, punk, rock, pop...

    Come Original (00) [real audio]
    Flowing (00) [real audio]
    You Wouldn't Believe (01) [real audio]
    I'll Be Here Awhile (01) [real audio]
    Amber (02, Super !!!) [real audio]
    Creatures (For A While) (03) [real audio]
    First Straw (2004)
    Love song (2004, reprise de The Cure cover)

  3. 3T [amg]

    Tariano Adaryll "Taj", Taryll Adren et Tito Joseph "TJ", neveux de Michael Jackson

    Stuck on you [paroles] [traduction auto]

  4. A1 [amg] [Y!] [y!]

    Boys Band (UK) : Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen, Mark Read, Paul Marazzi

    Same Old Brand New You (11-00) [real audio]
    Caught In The Middle (1-02) [real audio] [paroles / lyrics] [kar 198k] (version française avec Eve Angeli : Nos différences)
    Make It Good (10-02) [paroles / lyrics]

  5. A-ha [amg] [] [] [Y!] [MTV] [y!]

    Trio formé en 82 à Oslo, Norvège par Pal Waaktaar, Magne Furuholmen et Morten Harket

    Summer Moved On (4-00) [midi]
    Minor earth major sky (7-00) [midi]
    Velvet (12-00) [midi]
    The Sun Never Shone That Day [midi]
    Forever Not Yours (04-02) [midi]
    Lifelines (7-02) [midi]

  6. Aerosmith [] [WIKI] [amg] [Y!] [MTV] [y!]

    Joe Perry (chant, guitare); Steven Tyler (chant, guitare, père de Lyv Tyler); Brad Whitford (guitare); Tom Hamilton (basse); Joey Kramer (batterie).

    Fly Away From Here (9-01) [midi] [real audio]
    Jaded (3-01) [real audio] [midi]
    Baby Please Don't Go ( Honkin' On Bobo track 4, 2004)

  7. Afroman [amg] [Y!] [MTV]

    Joseph Foreman, Los Angeles (Californie, US) -

    Because I Got High (9-01) [real audio] [midi] (parodié par le 6-9 : Faut passer ton bac)
    ( BOF du film "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" avec Matt Damon et Ben Affleck)

  8. Aimee Allen

    If it feels right (do it) (2003)

  9. Alanis Morissette [AlanisMorissette] [WIKI] [amg] [Y!] [MTV] [VH1] [y!]

    Nadine Morissette, née le 1 Juin 1974 à Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

    Hands Clean (2-02) [midi] [real audio]
    Precious Illusions (7-02) [real audio]
    Eight Easy Steps (2004)
    Everything (2004), Out Is Through

  10. Alicia Keys [] [WIKI] [amg]

    Fallin' (9-01)
    A Woman's Worth (2-02) [midi]
    You Don't Know My Name
    If I Ain't Got You (ft Usher)

  11. All Saints [amg]

    Girls Band Anglais. Melanie Blatt et Shaznay Lewis puis Simone Rainford remplacée Nicole et Natalie Appleton

    Pure Shores - BOF du film "La plage" ("The Beach" OST) (02-00) [real audio] [kar 103k]
    Black Coffee (10-00) [midi]

  12. Ana Johnson

    We are (Spiderman 2)
    Don't Cry For Pain (The Way I Am #2)

  13. Anastacia [amg]

    I'm Outta Love [midi]
    Not that kind (11-00) [midi]
    Cowboys And Kisses (02-01) [midi]
    Paid my dues (11-01) [kar 14k]
    One Day In Your Life (3-02) [midi]
    Left Outside Alone (2004) [karaoké]
    Sick And Tired
    Welcome To My Truth

  14. Andreas Johnson

    Glorious (2-00) [midi]

  15. Angie Stone [amg]

    No More Rain (In This Cloud) (7-00)
    Wish I didn't miss you (2-02)

  16. Appleton [amg]

    Natalie Jane Appleton-Howlett née en 1973 et Nicole Maria Appleton née en 1974. (Ex All Saints)

    Don't Worry (2-03)

  17. The Ark []

    Let your body decide (01-00) [paroles / lyrics]
    It takes a fool to remain sane (05-00) [paroles / lyrics]
    Echo Chamber (10-00) [paroles / lyrics]
    Joy Surrender (04-01)
    Calleth you, cometh I (02-02) [paroles / lyrics]
    Father of a son (08-02)
    Tell me this night is over (11-02)
    Disease (03-03) [paroles / lyrics]

  18. Ashlee Simpson [] [WIKI]

    Ashlee Nicole Simpson. Née le 3 octobre 1984 à Waco au Texas. Petite soeur de Jessica Simpson. RealTV : The Ashlee Simpson Show.

    Pieces of me (2004) [midi]
    Shadow (2004)
    La La

  19. Atomic Kitten [amg]

    Eternal Flame (7-01), reprise des Bangles [midi]
    Whole Again (8-01)
    You are (1-02)
    It's Ok! (6-02)
    The Tide Is High (9-02) [karaoké]
    The Last Goodbye (12-02)
    Be with you (1-03) [midi]
    If you come to me

  20. Audioslave [] [WIKI]

    C'est Rage Against the Machine sans le chanteur Zack de la Rocha, remplacé par Chris Cornell, l'ex chanteur de Soundgarden.

    Cochise (2002)
    What You Are

  21. Avril Lavigne [] [WIKI] [amg] [MTV]

    Avril Ramona Lavigne est née le 27 septembre 1984 à Napanee, dans l'Ontario (Canada).

    Complicated (4-02) [midi] [paroles / lyrics] °°°
    Sk8er Boi (12-02)
    I'm with you (3-03) [midi]
    Things I'll Never Say [paroles / lyrics]
    Losing Grip (6-03)
    My Happy Ending
    Don't Tell Me
    Nobody's Home
    Knockin' On Heaven's Door

  22. The Bangles [] [WIKI] [amg]

    Something you said (3-03)

  23. Barenaked Ladies [amg] []

    Pinch Me (10-00) [midi]

  24. BBMak [amg]

    Back Here [midi]

  25. Bee Gees [WIKI] [amg]

    This Is Where I Came In (4-01)

  26. Ben Harper [] [] [fan] [amg]

    Né le 28 octobre 1968. à Claremont (Californie).

    With My Own Two Hands
    Diamonds On the Inside (9-03)
    Wicked Man (avec The Blind Boys Of Alabama)

  27. Berenice [amg]

    I'd rather sleep alone
    I'm Proud
    Strolling in the hurricane

  28. Better Than Ezra [amg]

    Extra Ordinary (7-01)
    Misunderstood (7-01)

  29. Beverley Knight [amg]

    Shoulda Woulda Coulda (3-02)

  30. Billie Piper [amg]

    Day and Night [midi]

  31. Blake Shelton [amg]

    All Over Me

  32. Blue [amg]

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word (duo avec Elton John) (2-03) [midi]

    Breathe Easy
    Et aussi : Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours (avec Stevie Wonder !!!)

  33. Bon Jovi [] [WIKI] [amg] [midis]

    It's My Life (5-00) [kar] [midi]
    One wild night (5-01) [midi]
    Say It Isn't So (3-01) [midi]
    Thank You For Loving Me (2-01) [midi]
    Misunderstood (12-02) [midi]
    All About Lovin' You (03)

  34. Brian McFadden

    Real To Me

  35. Briskeby [amg]

    Cellophane Eyes
    Electro Boy
    Hey Harvey
    The Asphalt Beach
    Wide awake

  36. Britney Spears [WIKI] [amg]

    From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart (2-00) [midi]
    Oops... I Did It Again (4-00) [midi]
    Lucky (8-00) [midi]
    Stronger (12-00) [midi]
    I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (3-02) [midi]
    I Love Rock N Roll (reprise de Joan Jett) [midi]
    Me against the music (Duo avec Madonna) [midi]
    Everytime [midi]

  37. Bruce Springsteen [amg]

    Lonesome day (12-02)
    The Rising (7-02)

  38. Cake [amg]

    Short Skirt Long Jacket (8-01) [midi]

  39. The Calling [amg]

    Wherever You Will Go (4-02) [midi]
    Our Lives

  40. The Cardigans [amg]

    For What It's Worth (2-03) [midi]
    You're The Storm

  41. Céline Dion [amg]

    I Want You To Need Me [midi]
    A New Day Has Come (3-02) [midi]
    I'm Alive (8-02) [karaoké]
    Goodbye's (The Saddest Word, 12-02)
    One Heart [midi]

    et aussi : Ten Days (reprise de Tomber)

  42. Chad Kroeger [amg]

    Chanteur de Nickelback

    Hero (avec Josey Scott, BOF du film "Spiderman" OST) (5-02) [karaoké] [real audio]

  43. Charlotte Martin [amg]

    Bring on the Day (Sweet Home Alabama Soundtrack) [real audio]

  44. Christina Aguilera [amg]

    I Turn To You (1-00)
    Come On Over Baby (9-00)
    Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti (3-01)
    Beautiful (12-02)
    Fighter (6-03)
    The Voice Within (12-03)
    Hello (Follow Your Own Star)
    et aussi : Keep on singin my song, Walk Away...

  45. Coldplay [amg]

    Yellow (6-00) [real audio]
    Trouble (10-00) [real audio]
    Don't Panic (3-01) [real audio]
    In My Place (8-02) [real audio]
    Clocks (3-03) [real audio] [midi]
    The scientist
    God Put a Smile Upon Your Face [real audio]
    Speed of sound

  46. Collective Soul

    Counting The Days

  47. The Corrs [amg] [midi zip]

    At your side (2000) [real audio] [midi]
    Breathless (7-00) [real audio] [midi]
    Irresistible (10-00) [real audio] [midi]
    No more Cry [real audio] [midi]
    Give Me A Reason (4-01) [real audio] [midi]
    Would you be Happier? (11-01) [real audio] [midi]
    When The Stars Go Blue (live in Dublin, duo avec Bono de U2, 11-02) [real audio]
    Summer Sunshine
    Long Night

  48. Counting Crows [amg]

    American Girls (6-02)
    Big Yellow Taxi (avec Vanessa Carlton) (1-03) [midi]
    If I could give all my love (6-03)
    Accidentally In Love

    et aussi : Miami, Up all night...

  49. Craig David [amg]

    Seven days (8-00)
    World Filled With Love (10-03)

  50. The Cranberries [amg]

    Just my imagination (11-99)
    You and Me (4-00) [midi]
    Analyse (9-01) [midi]
    Time Is Ticking Out (1-02)
    This Is The Day (7-02)
    Stars (11-02)

  51. Crazy Town [amg]

    Butterfly (3-01) [midi]

  52. The Cure [amg]

    Cut Here (11-01)
    The End Of The World (2004)
    Taking off

  53. The Dandy Warhols

    We Used To Be Friends (2003)

  54. Daniel Bedingfield [amg]

    Nouvelle Zélande / Angleterre

    You got me singing (08-00)
    Gotta get thru this (01-02)
    James Dean (I wanna know) (8-02)
    If You're Not the One [midi] (12-02)
    I Can't Read You (4-03)
    Never Gonna Leave Your Side (8-03)
    Friday (11-03)

  55. The Darkness [amg]

    Justin Hawkins (chant/guitare/clavier), Dan Hawkins (guitare), Frankie Poullain (basse) Ed Graham (batterie)

    I Believe in a Thing Called Love (8-02)
    Get Your Hands Off My Woman (2-03)
    Growing on Me

  56. Darren Hayes


  57. Dashboard Confessional


  58. Dave Gahan [amg]

    Né le 9 Mai 1962 en Angleterre. Chanteur de Depeche Mode

    Dirty Sticky Floors(5-03)
    I Need You

  59. Dave Matthews Band [amg]

    Né le 9 Janvier 1967 à Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud). Groupe de Virginie (US)

    The Space Between Us (10-01)

  60. David Bowie [amg]

    David Robert Jones - né le 8 Janvier 1947 à Brixton (UK)

    Everyone Says Hi
    New Killer Star (10-03)

  61. DB Boulevard


  62. Delta Goodrem

    Born To Try
    Predictable [midi]

  63. Depeche Mode [amg]

    Dream On (5-01) [midi]
    I feel loved (8-01)
    Free Love (11-01)
    Enjoy The Silence '04 by Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)

  64. Destiny's Child [amg]

    Emotion (11-01)

  65. Diana Degarmo


  66. Dido [amg]

    Dido Armstrong

    Here With Me (2-01) - Thème de la série Roswell [midi]
    Thank You (6-01) [midi] (samplé par le rappeur Eminem dans son morceau "Stan")
    Hunter (9-01)
    All You Want (1-02)
    White Flag (8-03)
    Life for rent (12-03)
    Don't Leave Home

  67. Dixie Chicks [amg]

    Groupe Country de Dallas (USA)

    If I Fall You're Going Down With Me (01)
    Landslide (remixé par Sheryl Crow) (11-02)
    Long Time Gone (9-03)

  68. Do

    Heaven (2004, reprise de Brian Adams, "piano mix" de la version Trance/Techno par DJ Yanou)

  69. Duran Duran

    (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (2004)
    What Happens Tomorrow

  70. Eagle Eye Cherry [amg]

    Né le 1969 à Stockholm (Suède) .

    Are you still having fun (5-00)
    Long way around (10-00)
    Feels so right (00)
    Skull Tatoo

  71. The Eagles [amg]

    Los Angeles, Californie (US)

    Hole In The World (Glenn Frey & Don Henley)

  72. Elton John

    Reginald Dwight Né le 25 Mars 1947 (UK).

    Someday Out Of The Blue (9-00)
    I Want Love (9-01)
    This Train Don't Stop There Anymore (1-02)
    Are You Ready For Love (9-03)
    Heart Of Every Girl (2004)

  73. Elvis Presley

    Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

  74. Emma Bunton

    What Took you so long (4-01) [midi] Enrique Iglesias Hero [midi]
    Not In Love (feat. Kelis)

  75. Enya

    Only Time (Sweet November) (10-01) [midi]
    Wild Child (11-01)

  76. Eric Clapton

    Riding With the King (2000, avec BB King)
    I Ain't Gonna Stand for It (4-01)
    Superman Inside

  77. Eros Ramazzotti

    Fuoco Nel Fuoco (10-00)
    Un angelo non e (2-01)
    Piu che puoi (duo avec Cher, 5-01)
    Un'Emozione Per Sempre

  78. Eskobar

    Someone new (avec Heather Nova) (12-02)

  79. Evanescence

    Bring Me To Life (Musique du film Daredevil)
    My Immortal
    My last breath

  80. Faith Hill

    The Way You Love Me (9-00)
    Let Me Let Go (duo avec Vince Gill) (4-00)
    There you'll be (Peal Harbor, 6-01) [midi]
    Cry (10-02)
    If My Heart Had Wings
    When The Lights Go Down

  81. Faithless

    No Roots (ft Dido) (2004)

  82. Fantasia Barrino

    I Believe (2004, slow)

  83. Filter

    Take A Picture (1-00) [midi]

  84. Finn Brothers

    Won't Give In (2004)

  85. Fiona Apple

    Paper Bag

  86. Five For Fighting

    American town
    Easy Tonight
    Something about you
    Superman (12-01) [midi]
    100 Years

  87. Fleetwood Mac

    Say You Will

  88. Fountains of Wayne

    Baby One More Time (1-00)
    Troubled times
    Stacy's Mom

  89. Franz Ferdinand

    Take me out

  90. Gabrielle

    Rise (2-00)

  91. Garbage

    Androgyny (10-01)
    Cherry Lips (01-02)
    Breaking Up The Girl (4-02)
    Shut Your Mouth (8-02)

  92. Gareth Gates

    Unchained Melody (2-03)

  93. Geri Halliwell

    Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (8-01)
    Calling (12-01)

  94. Girls Aloud

    Sound Of The Underground (1-03)
    No good advice
    Jump (For My Love) - reprise des Pointer Sisters
    Love Machine
    I'll Stand By You (reprise du slow des Pretenders)

  95. Good Charlotte [hitsquick] [vh1]

    Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous (3-03)

  96. Gorillaz [hitsquick] [vh1]

    Clint Eastwood (4-01)

  97. Green Day

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams (I walk alone...)

  98. Gwen Stefani

    What You Waiting For (12-04)

  99. Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis

    Cruising Together (12-00)

  100. Hanson [hitsquick] [vh1]

    If Only (4-00)
    This Time Around (4-00)

  101. Hawksley Workman [hitsquick] [vh1]

    We will still need a song

  102. Heather Nova [hitsquick] [vh1]

    I'm no Angel (11-01)
    Virus Of The Mind (1-02)

  103. Hilary Duff

    Come Clean

  104. HIM [hitsquick] [vh1]

    Right here in my arms (4-00)
    In Joy and Sorrow (1-02)

  105. Holly Valance [hitsquick] [vh1]

    Down Boy
    Naughty Girl

  106. Hoobastank

    The Reason

  107. Hooverphonic [hitsquick] [vh1]

    Mad about you (6-01)
    Jackie Cane (11-01)
    The World is Mine (10-02)

  108. Incubus [hitsquick]

    Talk Shows On Mute

  109. Jamiroquai [hitsquick] [vh1]

    Little L (08-01)
    You give me something (11-01)
    Love Foolosophy (03-02)

  110. Jane's Addiction

    Just Because

  111. Jarabe De Palo [hitsquick] [vh1]


  112. Jason Mraz [hitsquick] [vh1]

    The Remedy (I Won't Worry) (2-03)

  113. The Jayhawks [hitsquick] [vh1]

    I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

  114. Jeanette Biedermann

    Rock My Life (10-02)

  115. Jennifer Love Hewitt [hitsquick] [vh1]

    Bare Naked (10-02)
    Can I Go Now (1-03)

  116. Jennifer Lopez

    I'm Glad

  117. Jessica Simpson

    I Think I'm In Love With You (7-00)
    Where You Are (duo avec Nick Lachey) (5-00)
    Take My Breath Away

  118. Jewel

    Standing Still (6-01)
    Serve the Ego (9-02)
    Intuition (5-03)
    Stand (10-03)
    2 Become 1

  119. Jimmy Eat World

    The Middle (11-02)

  120. Joe Cocker

    Never Tear Us Apart (repise d'INXS) (6-02)

  121. Joss Stone

    Right To Be Wrong

  122. Kane

    Rain Down On Me (2004)

  123. Kasabian

    LSF (Lost Souls Forever)

  124. Kate Winslet

    What if (12-01)

  125. Katy Rose

    Overdrive (2004)

  126. KCPK

    We will rock you (musique de la pub Evian)

  127. Keane

    Somewhere Only We Know

  128. Kelly Clarkson

    Beautiful Disaster
    Breakaway (2004)

  129. Kelly Rowland

    Stole (version pop) (2-03)

  130. The Killers

    Somebody Told Me (2004)

  131. Kimberley Locke

    8th World Wonder

  132. Lara Fabian

    No Big Deal

  133. Las Ketchup [wiki]

    Asereje (The Ketchup Song) (8-02) [midi] (paroles inspirées du Rapper's Delight de Sugarhill Gang)

  134. Laura Pausini

    Trate e il mare (9-00)
    Surrender (2-03)
    In Assenza Di Te

  135. LeAnn Rimes

    I need you (7-00)
    Can't Fight The Moonlight (10-00)
    But I Do Love You (2-02)
    Life Goes On (9-02)
    We Can

  136. Lee Ann Womack

    I Hope You'll Dance (1-01)

  137. Lene Marlin

    You Weren't There

  138. Lenny Kravitz

    Again (10-00)
    Dig In (11-01)
    Stillness Of Heart (01-02)
    Believe In Me (6-02)
    If I Could Fall In Love (11-02)
    Where are we running

  139. Linkin Park

    Breaking the habbit
    Numb / Encore (ft Jay-Z)

  140. LFO (Lyte Funky Ones)

    Every Other Time (1-02)

  141. Liberty X

    Holding on for you (2-03)

  142. Lifehouse

    Somewhere In Between
    Hangin' on by a Moment (6-01)
    Breathing (2-02)
    The Beginning

  143. Limp Bizkit

    Behind Blue Eyes (12-03)

  144. Liz Phair

    Why Can't I (12-03)

  145. Love united

    Live for love united (chanson de Pascal Obispo pour la coupe du Monde de football FIFA 2002)(6-02)

  146. Lucie Silvas

    What You're Made Of (slow, 2004)

  147. Macy Gray

    Still (4-00)
    Why Didn't You Call Me
    I Try (3-01)
    Sweet Baby [ft Erykah Badu] (10-01)

  148. Madonna

    American Pie (3-00) [midi]
    Don't tell me (11-00)
    What it feels like for a girl (4-01)
    Die Another Day (11-02)
    American Life (3-03)
    Nothing Fails (11-03)
    Love Profusion (11-03)

  149. Mandy Moore

    I Wanna Be With You (11-00)
    In My Pocket (5-01)

  150. Manic Street Preachers

    The Masses vs the classes (1-00)
    Ocean Spray (7-01)
    You stole the sun from my heart
    Motorcycle Emptiness
    The Love Of Richard Nixon

  151. Marc Anthony

    You Sang To Me (5-00)

  152. Mariah Carey

    Against All Odds (6-00) (reprise de Phil Collins)
    Through The Rain (9-02)
    Bringing On The Heartache (11-03)

  153. Mark Knopfler

    What it is (9-00)

  154. Maroon 5

    Harder to Breathe
    This Love

  155. Matchbox Twenty

    Bent (7-00)
    If You're Gone (3-01)
    Mad Season (3-01)
    Unwell (7-03)
    Bright Lights (9-03)

  156. Mel C

    Never be the same again (3-00)
    If That Were Me (1-01)
    Here It Comes Again (2-03)
    Yeh, Yeh, Yeh (9-03)

  157. Melanie Thornton

    Wonderful Dream (12-01)

  158. Melissa Etheridge


  159. Michelle Branch

    Everywhere (3-02) [midi]
    All You Wanted (9-02)
    Are You Happy Now (7-03)
    Breathe et aussi :I'd Rather Be In Love, You Set Me Free...

  160. Mis-Teeq

    These days

  161. Moby

    Natural Blues (4-00)
    Porcelain (The Beach Soundtrack, 10-00)
    South Side (duo avec Gwen Stefani de No Doubt) (11-00)
    We Are All Made Of Stars (5-02)
    Extreme ways (9-02)
    In This World (11-02)
    In My Heart (3-03)
    Lift Me Up (1-05)
    Beautiful (6-05)

  162. Modjo

    Lady (version acoustique) (10-01)

  163. Morcheeba

    Rome Wasn't Build In A Day (8-00)
    World Looking In (6-01)
    Be yourself (8-01)
    Otherwise (7-02)
    Women Lose Weight (avec Slick Rick) (12-02)

  164. Muse

    Time is running out
    Sing for absolution

  165. Natalie Imbruglia

    That Day (11-01)
    Wrong impression (3-02)
    Beauty on the fire (7-02)

  166. Natasha Bedingfield

    These words

  167. Nelly Furtado

    I'm Like A Bird (4-01) [midi]
    Turn Off The Lights (8-01) [midi]

  168. Nena & Kim Wilde

    Anyplace Anywhere Anytime

  169. Nickelback

    Nine Days
    Absolutely (Story of a Girl)
    Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

  170. No Angels

    Still In Love With You (9-02)
    Feelgood lies

  171. No Doubt

    Ex-Girlfriend (5-00)
    Simple kind of life (6-00)
    Bathwater (11-00)
    Hey Baby (avec Bounty Killer) (1-02)
    Underneath It All (10-02)
    It's my life (11-03), reprise de Talk Talk

  172. Norah Jones

    Don't Know Why (5-02)
    Turn me On

  173. Oasis

    Go Let It Out (3-00)
    Who Feels Love (4-00)
    Sunday Morning Call (8-00)
    The Hindu Times (4-02)
    Stop Crying Your Heart Out (6-02)
    Little by little (9-02)
    Songbird (2-03)
    Don't go away

  174. Outlandish


  175. Perlas


  176. Phil Collins

    Son of Man (du film "Tarzan" de Disney)
    Two Worlds (du film "Tarzan" de Disney) (10-00)
    Can't Stop Loving You (11-02) [midi]
    The Least You Can Do (12-03)
    On My Way (Brother Bear OST)
    True Colors (ft Babyface, nouvelle version 2004, reprise de Cindy Lauper)

  177. Phoenix

    If I Ever Feel Better (2-01)

  178. Pink

    Get The Party Started (01-02)
    Don't let me get me (05-02) [midi]
    Just Like A Pill (10-02)
    Family Portrait (12-02) [midi]
    Feel Good Time (1-03)
    Trouble (10-03) Et aussi : Numb, God is a DJ...

  179. Placebo

    The Bitter End
    This Picture Et aussi : English Summer Rain, Sleeping With Ghosts, Second Sight...

  180. R. Kelly

    The World's Greatest (2-02)

  181. Radiohead

    Knives Out (2001)
    There There
    Go To Sleep (8-03)
    2+2= 5 (12-03)

  182. Rachel Stevens

    Sweet Dreams (My LA Ex)

  183. The Rasmus

    In The Shadows
    Funeral Song (2004)

  184. Reamonn

    Sunshine Baby
    Supergirl (6-00)

  185. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Otherside (03-00)
    Road Trippin (1-01)
    By The Way (7-02)
    The Zephyr Song (11-02)
    Can't Stop (2-03)
    Universally Speaking (7-03) Et aussi : Dosed...

  186. R.E.M.

    R.E.M. = Rapid Eye Movement

    The Great Beyond (3-00)
    Imitation of Life (5-01)
    All The Way To Reno (8-01)
    I'll take the rain (11-01)
    Leaving New York

  187. Remy Zero

    Save Me (12-02) (de la série TV "Smallville", jeunesse de Superman)

  188. Rednex

    Hold Me For A While (12-00)

  189. Richard Ashcroft

    A Song For The Lovers (5-00)
    C'mon People (11-00)
    Money To Burn (8-00)
    You on my mind

  190. Ricky Martin

    Private Emotion (duo avec Meja) (3-00)
    Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (duo avec Christina Aguilera) (2-01)
    Loaded (5-01)

  191. Robbie Williams

    Supreme (12-00)
    Kids (duo avec Kylie Minogue) (11-00)
    We Are The Champions (duo avec Queen) (5-01)
    Eternity (7-01)
    Something Stupid (duo avec Nicole Kidman) (12-01)
    Feel (12-02)
    Something Beautiful

  192. The Rolling Stones

    Don't Stop (10-02)
    Sympathy for the devil (Neptunes remix)

  193. Ronan Keating

    Life Is A Rollercoaster (8-00)
    The Way You Make Me Feel (1-01)
    Lovin' Each Day (6-01)
    If Tomorrow Never Comes (5-02)
    I Hope You Dance
    She Believes (in me)

  194. Rooster

    Come Get Some

  195. Roxette

    The Centre of the Heart (4-01)
    Real Sugar (7-01)
    Milk and toast and honey (9-01)
    A Thing About You (10-02)

  196. Ryan Adams

    Wonderwall (reprise acoustique d'Oasis)

  197. Ryan Cabrera


  198. S Club 7

    Natural (3-01)

  199. Sade

    By your side (11-00)

  200. Samantha Mumba

    Gotta Tell You (12-00)

  201. Santana [AMG]

    Put Your Lights On (ft Everlast) (3-00)
    Maria Maria (ft Wyclef Jean)(1-00)
    The Game of Love (avec Michelle Branch, 10-02)
    Why Don't You And I (avec Chad Kroeger) (9-03)
    Feels like fire (avec Dido)

  202. Sarah Connor [amg]


    From Sarah with Love (11-01)
    Skin On Skin (11-02)
    He's unbelievable (2-03)
    Sweet Thang
    Bounce (12-03)

  203. Sarah McLachlan [amg]

    Née le 28 Janvier 1968 (Canada)

    Sweet Surrender
    Fallen (12-03)

  204. Savage Garden

    Affirmation (4-00)
    Crash and burn (1-00)

  205. Seal [amg]

    Sealhenry Samuel * Né le 19 Février 1963 à Londres (UK)

    Get it together (8-03)
    Waiting for you (9-03)
    Love's Divine (10-03)

  206. Scissor Sisters


  207. Seether feat. Amy Lee


  208. The Servant


  209. Shaggy

    It wasn't me (3-01)
    Angel (ft Rayvon) (6-01)
    Strength Of A Woman (3-03)

  210. Shakira

    Whenever Wherever (en espagnol : Suerte) (1-02)
    Underneath Your Clothes (6-02)
    Objection (Tango) (11-02)
    The One (3-03)

  211. Shania Twain

    Née le 28 Aout 1965 au Canada.

    Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) (3-00)
    I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (11-02)
    Ka-Ching! (3-03)
    Up (3-03)
    Forever And For Always (7-03)
    Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon) (10-03)
    When you kiss me (12-03)

  212. Sheryl Crow

    Soak Up The Sun (4-02)
    Steve McQueen (9-02)
    First Cut Is the Deepest (11-03)

  213. Sia [amg]

    Sia Furler. D'origine Australienne, vivant à Londres.
    Taken for granted (1-00)

  214. Simple Minds

    Cry (4-02)

  215. Simple Plan


  216. Simply Red

    Your eyes (3-00)
    Sunrise (3-03)
    Fake (7-03)
    You make me feel brand new (12-03)

  217. Sita

    Sita Vermeulen

    Happy (1-03)

  218. Sixpence None The Richer [amg]

    Breathe your name (10-02)
    Don't Dream It's Over (3-03) (reprise de Crowded House et ensuite Paul Young)

  219. Skye Sweetnam [amg]

    Née dans l'Ontario (Canada)
    Billy S (7-03)

  220. Son By Four

    Purest of Pain (Living Without You) (5-00) (version anglaise de "A puro dolor")

  221. Sonique


  222. Spooks

    Things i've seen (11-00)

  223. Stacie Orrico [amg]

    Neé en 1987 à Seattle (US)
    Stuck (5-03)
    (There's gotta be) more to life (9-03)
    Stay True

  224. Starsailor

    Four To The Floor (2003)

  225. Steve Brookstein

    Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) - reprise de Phil Collins (2004)

  226. Stereophonics

    Climbing the Wall
    Madame Helga
    Maybe Tomorrow
    Rainbows and Pots of Gold
    You Stole My Money Honey

  227. Sting

    Desert Rose (avec Cheb Mami) (1-00)
    After The Rain Has Fallen (5-00)
    My Funny Friend And Me (du film de Disney) (2-01)

  228. The Streets

    Your Fit But You Know It (2004)

  229. The Strokes

    The End Has No End

  230. Sugababes

    Run For Cover (04-01)
    Round Round (9-02)
    Stronger (12-02)
    Shape of my Heart (reprise de Sting) (2-03)
    Caught In A Moment (2004)
    In The Middle (2004)

  231. Sugar Ray

    Answer The Phone (4-02)

  232. The Supermen Lovers

    Starlight (4-01)

  233. t.A.T.u.

    All The Things She Said (en russe : Ya soshla s uma) (11-02)

  234. Texas [amg]

    In demand (10-00)
    When We Are Together(01)
    Inner smile (2-01)
    Carnival girl

  235. Tina Turner

    Open arms (2004)

  236. Third Eye Blind

    Deep Inside Of You
    Never Let You Go (3-00)
    How's It Going To Be

  237. Titiyo

    Come Along with me (7-01)

  238. Tom Jones

    Mama Told Me Not To Come (3-00) (duo avec Stereophonics, reprise des Talking Heads)

  239. Toni Braxton

    Spanish Guitar (9-00)

  240. Tori Amos

    Strange Little Girl (11-01)
    A sorta fairytale (9-02)

  241. Tracy Chapman

    Telling Stories (3-00)
    You're The One (11-02)

  242. Train

    Drops of Jupiter (9-01)
    Something More (11-01)
    She's On Fire (2-02)
    Calling All Angels

  243. Travis

    Coming Around
    Why does it always rain on me (4-00)
    Sing (6-01)
    Side (9-01)
    Flowers In The Window (4-02)

  244. U2

    Beautiful Day (10-00)
    Elevation (du film Tomb Raider avec Angelina Jolie) (7-01) [midi]
    Walk On (3-01)
    Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of) (2-01) [midi]
    Electrical Storm (11-02)
    Vertigo (9-04) : Un, Dos, Tres, Quatorze !!!
    Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

  245. Vanessa Carlton

    A Thousand Miles (6-02) [midi]
    Ordinary Day (10-02)
    Pretty baby (3-03)

  246. Vanilla Ninja

    Blue Tattoo
    Tough Enough
    When The Indians Cry

  247. Vega4

    Revolution (reprise des Beatles, Pub Orange) (5-02)

  248. Venus

    Beautiful days

  249. Vertical Horizon

    Everything You Want
    You're a God (11-00)
    Best I Ever Had (9-01)

  250. Vitamin C

    Graduation Song (Friends Forever) (6-00)
    Real Life
    Sex Has Come Between Us
    Where's the Party
    Volare (du film "Lizzie McGuire") (4-03)

  251. Wallflowers

    Sleepwalker (10-00)

  252. Weezer

    Island in the Sun (1-02)

  253. Westlife

    Uptown Girl (4-01)

  254. The White Stripes

    7 Nation army (repris en dance par Punk Division)

  255. Wonderwall

    Just More (5-02)
    In April (10-02)

  256. Wyclef Jean

    911 (duo avec Mary J. Blige) (11-00)

  257. Yellowcard


    Ocean Avenue (2004)

  258. Zucchero

    Baila morena (9-01)
    Ahum (12-01)
    Il grande Baboomba (ft Mousse T)
    Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime (ft Vanessa Carlton)


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